Unplug the uSD card, or USB SSD from the Linux computer, and install the uSD or USB SSD in the RPi 4 device. Connect ethernet, monitor, mouse, and power to the the device.

Power it up then log in as root with the password “root”.
Root’s prompt should come up.

If you need a different keyboard layout other than US, then enter:

# loadkeys xx

where xx is the desired keyboard layout.

# ls -l

Should show the next script already in place.

 -rwxr-xr-x 1 don  don      12366 Jan  7 13:26 config-update

now type in

# ./config-update

The script will start to run
Then you will be asked whether to enable WiFi or not.

If the response was Yes, then you will be asked to enter the Regulatory Domain country code

Then the Network Manager window is presented to enable WiFI with the SSID and password.

Enabling WiFI is done.
Next it will ask if you want to leave the mirrorlist as is, or manually select mirrors near you.

If changing the mirrorlist, use the “up arrow” and “down arrow” to select a mirror to enable.
Then press “Return” to toggle its state between enabled (no preceding #) and disabled (with preceding #). More than one mirror may be enabled as are the first three German mirrors as shown below. When finished enabling mirrors, press “Right Arrow” twice to highlight “Done” then press “Return”.

Pacman has parallel downloads disabled by default. Enter your choice.

If enabling parallel downloads, choose how many parallel downloads are desired.

This script will do a

git clone https://github.com/endeavouros-arm/install-script.git

and install the next script that will install EndeavourOS and a Desktop Environment or Window
Manager of your choice.

When the script finishes, reboot the computer.

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