EndeavourOS ARM was originally planned as an article for our Discovery magazine. Moderator and Antergos veteran Pudge opted the idea initially and began creating the manual with several tests on his hardware. After very successful and impressive results, the EndeavourOS developer team also began experimenting with his scripts and in May 2020 the team began considering it to add it as an official EndeavourOS branch.

After those careful considerations, Pudge joined the core development team and with the later addition of Alen Bašić enforcing the team, the EndeavourOS ARM project became a fact in a very fast pace.

EndeavourOS ARM launched on 19 September 2020.

The team

Pudge Lead Developer
Alen Bašić Developer
Johannes Kamprad Developer
Manuel Developer
Fernando Omiechuk Frozi Developer
Florent Valetti Visual Designer
Bryan Poerwoatmodjo Project leader
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