This method should work on every ARM device once the Archlinux ARM base is installed. The script lets you choose to do a desktop install or a headless server install. In this case, we will be doing a desktop install.


By default, the system has created a root account simply named root with a password root.
In this step, we’re going to use the root account and not the ALARM account

Installing EndeavourOS

Boot up your ARM device and once booted login as root and enter root as password.

Then enter the following command:

#git clone

This should show an “install-script” directory, then enter the following:

# cd install-script
# ls -l
# ./

Now, you will be greeted with the last steps and to finalize the install. Just fill in the info on the screen as shown below:

The script will install EndeavourOS on your device. Now EndeavourOS is installed on your ARM device, just reboot and have fun exploring and customizing your system to your needs.

You can install anything from the AUR, with the exception of heavy graphic and power resources apps, to install those packages you can use yay.

Additional Resources

In EndeavourOS Discovery, we have some articles on how to enhance your experience like adding a portable SSD to your device or manuals for your home server. has more in-depth manuals. Click on the desired manual and it will come up in a basic Github viewer. Click on the ‘Download’ button and the manual comes up with a PDF viewer that will allow you to print or save the PDF.

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